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heavenly6 new album details

September 13th, 2013 | Posted by rhorewyn in Tommy heavenly6

Tommy heavenly6 will be releasing a new album on October 23, 2013, rumored title: “TOMMY ICE CREAM HEAVEN FOREVER”. There is no official tracklist as of yet, but it is confirmed that one of the songs is titled ‘Ruby Eyes’ and will be used in a drama called Kiyoku Ranma and should be out October 2, 2013. The album is up for preorder on CDJapan as both a CD+DVD Limited Edition and a CD Only version, just like february6’s last album.

Tommy will also be appearing at the VAMPS Halloween bash again this year.

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  • aki to yue says:

    Yeee I can’t wait! I need some more rock music so she’s coming back at a great time! And ooh the title sounds so cool and it matches the release from february. I really can’t wait to hear it!! So excited!

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